GREITAI ATVYKS! Pirma itališka sakė 17°

NERO SAKE ITALIANO. THE MORE YOU DRINK IT, THE MORE YOU DISCOVER IT. Territory shaped by passion and from the tenacity of those who have cultivated it for centuries; cradle of rice production in northern Italy; today it lives its splendor thanks to the production of agri-food excellences and at the return of the herons. The expression of a secular culture and the best application of production techniques is Penelope rice, a variety of brown rice, black, with a refined, intense taste and with fruity notes.

At Penelope, Nero is born, the first 100% Italian sake, elegant, intense, with fruity notes. Without wishing to act in the manner of the traditional oriental drink, it evokes it flavor and roundness, seducing the taster with surprising notes that refer to memory of the sensations of Turin vermouth. A world enclosed in a bottle, ready to give itself without hesitation to the one who wants to discover the dense evocative weave that intertwined with the deep connection with the territory and that at every sip reveals.

Olfactory scents: At first glance the olfactory sensations linked to the beer fermentation emerge: notes of banana and ripe fruit, followed by what are the typical spicy notes of Vermouth. On the palate the fruity notes are more delicate and of short intensity, balanced by the characteristic sapidity of the fermented rice and by the roundness of umami, while mugwort and yarrow and the different botanicals used dominate. It can be eaten straight, with ice and lemon zest, as an aperitif or after a meal. In mixing it gives its best.

Pairings: Surely it would have difficulty with too tasty, spicy foods, it is ideal instead with fish, vegetables and light meats. However the principle is the same, the completeness between drinking and eating. Alk. 17%. Talpa: 500ml.

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